Reverse phone lookup uk – The services of a reverse lookup for the UK can allow web users to search for the identity of callers by carrying out a search using a phone number by itself. Also, if you know someone’s telephone number and name, you could trace the address.

If you are continually annoyed by callers, the reverse phone information services can provide details of the caller such as their name, address and other related information. The main issue is that there is limited online  information about mobile phone users. For mobile users the data are private to service distribution providers only and not the general public. It is not in the public domain. Keeping the details of all mobile phone users is costly and time consuming.

These service providers try to provide reliable information and have staff to update the databases. It all costs money to maintain.

Using a reverse phone lookup service for a mobile phone is not free and a fee has to be paid in order for the service provider to offer the information you want.

A single search will enable you to find a landline, mobile or unlisted number. The service provider will give you a report and may include information such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Names of relations
  • Names of neighbors
  • Phone provider details
  • Phone provider company location
  • Related phone numbers for the caller

Steps to reverse phone information:

  • Type in the phone number
  • Click ‘SEARCH’ key or button
  • Basic information may be provided free
  • Detailed report will require you to make a payment

It is important to check that you will not be charged, if there is no information available about the caller.

The reverse phone services will enable you to trace multiple unwanted calls from:

  • Telemarketers
  • Scam callers
  • Prank callers

Any recognized reverse phone tracing provider should be able to have the information you require. They generally use the same information as provided by cell phone companies.